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Intelligence and innovation are the two values that are deeply ingrained in every product and service that we bring out. The thirst to impact people's lives with better life solutions and an endearing legacy of over three decades has helped us cement a firm place in people's heart.

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Naturale Ayurvedic

Rs. 22,999

Livpure Smart Naturale Mattress, inspired by Ayurveda is designed using completely natural materials. True to its roots, all the materials used in the mattress are sourced entirely from India.

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Ortho-X Mattress 6 inch

Rs. 7,999

Luxurious and breathable 280GSM bamboo fabric removable and washable mattress cover. 1-inch CertiPUR-US cool-gel infused memory foam, 5 inches CertiPUR-US high density base foam and an anti-slip base.

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Regal Mattress 8 inch

Rs. 16,999

The Regal mattress is constructed for ultimate luxury, using 300GSM poly blend fabric for its exquisite outer cover, 1.5 inches cool-gel infused memory foam, 1.5 inches latex, 5 inches base foam.

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Customer Stories

Mr. Murari Mishra

Sedentary lifestyle and daily grind can take a toll on your body and especially your back. My back problems were just on the rise when my wife suggested that we buy a mattress that offers good enough back support and posture stability. That’s when we got home a Livpure Ortho-x mattress and made some lifestyle changes. Since then my back problems have been considerably reduced and I enjoy a peaceful night sleep.

Mr. Amit Shirdhankar

Moving over from Uttarakhand to a humid city like Mumbai can be taxing on so many fronts. Plus, summer time is nothing less than being baked in an oven. That’s when a colleague of mine told me about this Livpure Regal mattress that comes with a special cool touch fabric. Some online research later, I ordered it and since then sleeping has been a much more pleasant experience.

Mr. Suryaprakash

When I came across Livpure Naturale mattress, I was obviously intrigued about what it was. Amongst other things, the most exciting element I felt in this was the lavender essence that’s released on coming in contact with the mattress. Every time I am on the bed, the lavender fragrance just elevates my sleeping experience.

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Buy Livpure Sleep Products for Peaceful Nights

Peaceful sleep is the foundation of human well-being. After a tiresome day, all you need is a comfy bed to rest. Doctors and health experts have always been emphasizing the importance of a good sleep cycle to rejuvenate the entire mind, body, and soul. Not only getting good sleep regularizes the operation of the internal and external organs of a body but it also vitalizes proper functioning of the brain cells, helps in relieving anxiety and stress, increases memory power, and soothes the nervous system. Thus, to lead a healthy and hearty lifestyle it is important that you should “sleep like a baby!”

A comfortable bed with a comfy mattress, soft pillow, velvety linen, and a calm ambiance is all you need for a peaceful nap. However, in several instances, we fail to choose the correct accessories that hamper our sleep pattern leading to additional stress.

Livpure SmartHomes presents superior quality sleep products such as ergonomically designed comfortable bed mattresses, soft pillows, innovative bed linens, and accessories. It is one of the leading sleep product company that offers comfortable accessories for a sound-sleep at every instant.

Mattresses are one of the paramount products required for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Livpure’s innovative Ortho Memory Foam Mattresses are ergonomically designed for best napping posture. Keeping in mind the orthopedic requirements of a human body, it gives perfect support to the entire torso, lower back, along with the limb muscles. The mattress adjusts its shape with your body positions and provides complete relaxation while resting. The other varieties Include Naturale Ayurvedic Mattresses, which is made up of natural memory foam using bio-organic materials. It is a nonchemical memory foam and latex mattress that provides a healthy sleeping environment.

Similarly, choosing the right pillow for perfect neck support is another vital need for everyone. The neck is one of the most common body parts which suffers in our daily hectic schedule. It continuously stays upright and balances our head and shoulder and also regulates our head movements. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you select a correct cushion for the optimum support for our neck, shoulder, and head. Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow and Cloud Microfiber Pillow by Livpure Smarthomes are one of the best choices that provide the maximum relaxation for the head, neck, and shoulder.

Livpure is one of the finest mattress companies that have a wide collection of products to help you the get the best of your choice. Apart from rich quality mattresses and pillows, the variety of bed linens such as Mattress Protector and All-Weather Comforter, and other home accessories also helps in creating a comfy environment of your home!

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