If you have been struggling with sleeping problems or any other problems even after you wake up, you are not the only one. Almost one-third of the adult population suffers from sleeping problems - whether it is sleep deprivation, body aches due to sleeping in the wrong position, or even sleep disorders.

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A memory foam mattress is made with a layer of memory foam, and a supportive layer of some other mattress material like spring or high resilience foam. Memory foam has the ability to mold itself according to your body and cradle you perfectly when you sleep on it.

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Plant-Based Memory Foam

Unlike regular memory foam, plant-based memory foam mattresses use plant-derived components for the construction of the foam. Soy is one such component. These plant-derived components were developed to reduce a few traditional memory foam concerns like off-gassing and a slow rate of response.

Gel Memory Foam

The most recent development, trying to defeat the bad reputation of memory foam. Memory foam sleeps hot, but the latest technology absorbs body heat through gel beads. The cooling gel beads are embedded in the memory foam and keep your body cool in any weather.

Traditional Memory Foam

Traditionally, memory foam is made from petroleum-based polymer. It is very soft but quite dense and it is affordable. However, it is not very sustainable, and may emit a bad smell and heat.


Medical Problems

Folks with spinal and shoulder injuries or pain, joint aches, and muscle pains are the target audience for a memory foam mattress.


Memory Foam mattress is the best mattress for sleepers whose partners toss and turn through the night or have a different time schedule.

Age Groups

Memory foam is suitable for all age groups. But it is obviously more effective for people in middle and old age as their bones need more support and cradling in the night.


Livpure uses the best memory foam technology to give the consumers the best sleep possible. It is made of non-toxic components which are highly sustainable and environment friendly. Cooling gel beads are embedded in the memory foam to make you sleep cool and odorless. Livpure memory foam mattresses are the right level of firmness - they are not so soft that your body sags into it, and not too firm for them to feel uncomfortable to sleep on. Livpure gives you two choices - Ortho X memory foam mattress and Regal hybrid mattress made of latex foam and memory foam. Both the mattresses have their own appeal. While Ortho X is the best for people with orthopedic problems, the Regal Mattress is fit for royalty. The regal mattress combines memory foam and latex foam to give the best luxe feel. Ortho X mattress is available in 6inch thickness, while Regal has a thickness of 8 inches. All the mattresses come with a removable and washable mattress cover. Livpure memory foam mattresses online are one of the most low-maintenance ones. Basic hygiene can be maintained for it to last long. You can get it as your mattress in a box. The most convenient packaging for easy transport anywhere.


There are two options Livpure gives you - Ortho X and Regal mattress. With the best memory foam mattress reviews online today, these mattresses provide the best of comfort and luxury to you. While OrthoX mattress is made of a cooling gel memory foam layer and a supportive layer of high resilience foam, Regal mattress is made of latex foam, cooling gel memory foam, and a supportive HR foam layer.

All our mattresses are available in any customizable size including the basic double bed mattress, king mattress, single mattress, etc.


Is memory foam for you? The latest technology and Livpure’s research and development behind the memory foam concept have elevated the experience and tried to get rid of the disadvantages. So, if you are looking for that comfort in sleep but also do not want the disadvantages associated with it, buy one from Livpure today!