Blackout Curtains (Solid)

M.R.P: ₹4,199.00

Price: ₹699.00 Inclusive of all taxes

You Save: ₹100.00 (12%)

Enjoy undisturbed sleep with Livpure’s Blackout Sunblock Curtain which blocks 99% sunlight from entering into your bedroom and gives you complete privacy from outsiders.

Window Curtains Dimension : 152.4 x 132 CM. | 60 x 52 INCH

Door Curtains Dimension : 213.36 x 132 CM. | 84 x 52 INCH

Long Door Curtains Dimension : 274 x 132 CM. | 108 x 52 INCH

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Product Special Features

Blocks 99% Sunlight – Product feature – Livpure Sleep
Blocks 99% Sunlight
Complete privacy– Product feature – Livpure Sleep
Complete Privacy
Blocks UV Rays- Product feature – Livpure Sleep
Blocks UV Rays
Eco-Friendly Material- Product feature – Livpure Sleep
Eco-friendly Material
High quality fabric - Product feature – Livpure Sleep
High Quality Fabric
Machine Washable - Product feature - Livpure Sleep
Machine Washable
Curtains for bedroom – Livpure Sleep – Demo Image

Pitch dark ambience for a blissful sleep

  • No harsh sunlight disturbing your sleep

    Significant blackout effect

  • Maximum privacy

    No worry about prying neighbors

  • Keeps the room quieter

    Obstructs outside noise from coming in

  • Controls room temperature

    Repels summer heat and winter cold

  • Lowers electricity bills

    Reduced AC Usage

  • Beautifies bedroom

    Stylish and Vibrant solid color options

Unique 3 Weave Technology

Livpure curtains are made using Triple Weave Technology with all the three layers of fabric interwoven to ensure protection from the UV rays and insulate your home against heat and cold for a better energy efficiency.

Unique 3 Weave Technology -Livpure Sleep - Product Composition

Is sunlight interrupting your sleep?

Sunlight on face - Livpure Sleep

Does harsh sunlight sneaks into your bedroom and annoys you every morning? Have you been finding it difficult to sleep due to bright lights at night and unwanted noises outside your home?

No more of all that with Livpure’s Blackout Curtains.


( We recommend to buy darker curtain colors for higher blackout effect )

Blackout Curtain recommendation based on color- Livpure Sleep

Buyer Guide For Blackout Curtain

A good blackout curtain darkens the room completely. Buy a darker color if you prefer a 100% blackout effect. If you want some natural light coming into the room, buy a slightly lighter color with a 90%-95% blackout effect. Check the size you want. Livpure provides curtains in two lengths - 5ft and 7ft.

Best Suited for

Protection from harsh sunlight – Product suited for-Livpure Sleep

Protection from Harsh Sunlight

Privacy Protection- Product suited for-Livpure Sleep

Privacy Protection

Noice Reduction- Product suited for-Livpure Sleep

Noise Reduction

Rest Assuered – Banner Image-Livpure Sleep
Comfoter Bag

Blackout Curtains in a Box

Get Livpure Blackout Curtains delivered in a securely packed sturdy box. Just unpack, install and enjoy comforting sleep.

Blackout Curtains in a box- Livpure Sleep

Livpure’s Blackout Curtains are an ideal addition to your bedroom for a calmer and a worry free sleep. The blackout curtains will block 99% of the light coming into your room, creating a perfect sleeping environment. The room darkening curtains are designed to uplift the look and feel of your home as well as add a layer of protection from the UV rays.

  • Manufactured using ideal 240 GSM fabric, these exemplary thick curtains protect you and your house from heat as well as cold throughout the year, maintaining an ideal room temperature for sleep. The room darkening curtains create an energy saving barrier by balancing the room temperature in all kinds of weather.
  • Be assured of complete privacy from the outside world and enjoy intimate moments with your family members without any worry. The blackout curtains help in noise reduction and keep you undisturbed from the sounds on the street and neighbours.
  • These thick curtains are easy to maintain and come with high quality eyelet rings that are big enough to fit most rods and easy installation. The Ring Eyelets are detachable, making it easier for you to wash curtains with hands as well as machine.

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  • Care Instructions
    • Hand washable curtains
    • Do not wash with Dark Colors
    • Avoid tumble drying
    • Avoid bleaching
    • Avoid Harsh detergent
    • Avoid Hard brushes

    Customer Questions & Answers

  • Q
    Do Blackout Curtains really work?
    Livpure’s Blackout Curtains are made using a special 3 weave technology that blocks harmful UV rays and 99% of the harsh sunlight from entering your room.
  • Q
    Do Blackout Curtains cool down the room?
    Our Blackout Curtains are made up of 240 GSM fabric to offer you maximum thickness to block the heat. This helps in keeping the room temperature cool through the hot days.

    Enjoy a cool summer with Livpure’s Blackout Curtains for Bedroom.

    Our thick curtains help to keep your rooms cool and comfortable through sunny, hot days. The sunblock curtains are also room-darkening curtains keeping your privacy intact.

    Our blackout curtains for windows come with high-quality eyelet rings that are big enough to fit most rods and are easy to install. These eyelets are detachable, so you can easily wash the eyelet curtains with your hands or use a washing machine.

    We offer you the best blackout drapes made using 100% eco-friendly material and noise-reducing properties for undisturbed sleep.

    Buy the best blackout curtains online now, so you can Rest. Assured.

    Blackout Curtains (Solid)
    Blackout Curtains (Solid)
    Selling Price: ₹699.00
    Window (5 Feet) / Dark Grey / Pack of 1 - ₹699.00

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